Ready to take your fire safety training to a whole new level? 

This is FireWise, the brand new virtual reality fire extinguisher training from The Learning Network (TLN). 

FireWise offers a comprehensive fire extinguisher training experience that offers many different options and opportunities for learners to customize their experience: 

Different Extinguisher & Fire Types

Different Extinguisher & Fire Types 

Learners must identify different extinguishers and safe and effective method of operation for each type. 

FireWise replicates the precise steps required for using the correct fire extinguisher to combat different types of fires. 

Practical (hands-on) fire extinguisher operation in an exercise to extinguish their own fire using the P.A.S.S. Method. 

Different Environments 

FireWise offers 3 different environments for fighting the fires: 

  • Training Yard 
  • Warehouse 
  • Office settings
Different Environments
Different Learning Levels

Different Learning Levels

From step-by-step guidance to advanced mode, Firewise will let the learner practice their skills before engaging with a fire. 

Analyze learner performance with assessment logs and scores

At the end of the advanced mode assessment, the learner can receive a results page in the course and can send their results via email. 

Analyze learner performance with assessment logs and scores


We are currently supporting 2 headsets for FireWise:  

  • Meta Quest
  • HTC Vive

For the HTCVive, please note that your laptop will have to have sufficient specifications for the game to be successfully installed. 

For the Meta Quest 2 and 3, there is no need for a computer as it is a standalone units. 


MDM (Mobile Device Management) 

TLN can offer to deploy the application to each headset that your company owns.  Our MDM will act as your headset management system which will allow for the remote updating of your headsets and the tracking of their location. It will also help with remote support should any issues arise.  

MDM is an optional service and comes as an add-on for an additional fee. 

MDM (Mobile Device Management)-4-device

Easy Pricing 

Unlock the full potential of virtual simulation with FireWise. Pricing starts at $17,500 and offers unlimited access and no restriction on the number of students or instructors within a purchasing organization.