Strategic Guidance to Put You on the Right Path

Even those tasked with guiding learning sometimes find themselves looking for answers with strategic services.  

Whether it’s advice on choosing software, creating a winning curriculum or finding the most effective way to deliver programs to meet your goals and enhance productivity… The Learning Network is here to help you solve your business and training problems. 

TLN conducts a deep dive into your processes, systems and programs to uncover the facts about the current situation and identify areas for improvement. We learn about your desired outcomes and connect them to the real-life practices of your employees using observations, interviews and other techniques. That is how our learning experts identify performance gaps and establish a training plan to ensure your employees meet your performance goals.

TLN’s Curriculum Design Workshop (CDW) process will challenge your organization’s highest performers and pull out the knowledge that is needed to build a detailed training curriculum for targeted roles in your organization. This curriculum provides a detailed blueprint of training needs for the targeted roles and establishes training goals and strategies you can use to get your training program up and running in record time.

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TLN’s Strategic Services Can Help You: 

  • Make decisions using professional advice 
  • Set and achieve learning-related business goals and objectives 
  • Increase engagement, recall and outcomes  
  • Expedite program development and roll-out 
  • Implement best practices 
  • Improve internal efficiencies 
  • Save and make money 

TLN Needs Assessment

Your organization needs to provide the right learning to the right people at the right time. But how do you do so when the competition, markets, and technology are constantly changing? TLN’s learning specialists provide expert analysis and recommendations as part of our strategic services so you get peak performance from your learning programs. It starts by evaluating and assessing your current learning strategy to uncover any gaps and opportunities.

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Key Steps of a Typical Needs Assessment

1. Initial kick-off meeting 

2. Thorough needs analysis and assessment 

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3. Define learning objectives  

4. Create the deployment strategy 

5. Develop an evaluation strategy 

6. Establish learning design (high-level architecture) 

Benefits of a Needs Assessment

Identify Performance Gaps

We identify performance gaps through a task breakdown your management team can use to develop individualized performance strategies. 

Conduct Executive Interviews

TLN conducts executive interviews to provide high-level insights and business objectives.  

Conduct Field Surveys and Interviews

We conduct field surveys and interviews to uncover information and opinions. 

Identify Internal and External Obstacles

TLN identifies internal and external obstacles that function as performance barriers. 

Create Accessible, Achievable Learning Objectives

We create accessible, achievable learning objectives for use across your training program.

TLN Curriculum Design Workshop

The difference between learning programs that overachieve and those that fail to make the grade comes down to the thought, strategy and detail that goes into curriculum design. As part of our strategic services, TLN developed private workshops to help learning teams set and exceed their goals. 

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Based on workshop findings, TLN will provide: 

  • A detailed TLN Curriculum Blueprint  
  • Defined curriculum goals  
  • Curriculum implementation strategy 
  • Complete curriculum assets 
  • Pilot testing of your draft curriculum 
  • Feedback collection and implementation 
  • Final curriculum delivery 

TLN’s Curriculum Design Workshop is a priceless investment to ensure your curriculum is successful and delivers immediate results.  

Who’s It For?

  • Organizations with outdated, inconsistent training programs 
  • Organizations in need of developing new training programs 
  • Businesses that lack goal-based learning programs 
  • Departments or companies seeking to improve performance 
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Benefits of a Curriculum Design Workshop 

A Curriculum Design Workshop is intended to identify all the elements necessary for success. TLN creates an active learning experience with a blend of proven strategies and customizable approaches. The Curriculum Design Workshop is a priceless investment to ensure the success of an organization.

Assessment of Needs and Expectations

An analysis of the organization identifies company needs and the current training and supports in place. 

Problem Solving for Businesses

As a team, we determine what changes and supports are required to meet and surpass performance goals.

Customizable Strategies

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to developing curriculum. Each curriculum TLN develops is specifically for an organization.

Evidence-Based Learning Techniques

Learners are provided information in a deconstructed manner to improve the learning curve. Innovation, empathy mapping and design thinking are key tenants of the program.

Professional Blueprint

No more guessing games. Organizations are given a blueprint with a detailed plan on how to achieve superior job performance across sectors.

Asset Delivery

Curriculum assets are provided to enable success.

Evolving Curriculum

Data and feedback are used to improve the curriculum over time.

Achieve Results

Analysis, implementation and pilot strategies are executed in a time-sensitive manner to achieve faster results. 

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