Standalone Assessment, Tests and Exams

Quizbase is a stand-alone testing and quizzing system that automates the testing process using flexible question and answer types for any assessment need.

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Launch tests from within Quizbase, from your site, or from an e-learning module

Our Features

  • Time limits
  • Link learning resources to questions
  • “Shuffle” – randomization of questions drawn from a set pool
  • Hints can be enabled if someone needs a little help
  • Multilingual versions

The Test Feedback Page Options for Displaying Results

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Raw numbers

Percentage of correct/incorrect

Percentage of correct/incorrect answers

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A list of all the questions with pass/fail indicators

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Links to relevant learning resources

How It Works

Question Types

  • Multiple choice single response
  • Multiple choice multiple responses
  • Multiple choice with picture display
  • Yes/no, true/false or true/false with picture display
  • Scenario with multiple choice
  • Sequence
  • Drag and drop
  • Essay with plagiarism detection
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Our Seamless CPD Solution

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) solutions are tailored to the regulator’s precise requirements.

Making life simpler for busy professionals using streamlined planning and evidence submission with a mobile app ensures your members reach their development goals on time.

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Corporate Solutions

  • Allows team leaders to see their employeesā€™ progress
  • Tracks core and team specific training
  • Reports in real time on what your people can do
  • Makes reporting a part of your weekly or daily feedback
  • Balances skills across and within your teams
  • Independent learning tool or an enhancement of instructor-led training
  • Provides access to training resources (in any format)
  • Includes testing features so everyone knows what to focus on

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