TLN provides simple & effective LMS, employee training, and eLearning program services for businesses of any size.


Employee Training Solutions

Discover an employee training development solution that is as unique as each of your employees. We are a full-service training organization equipped with a blend of customizable solutions.


Learning Management Solutions

TLN’s simple and cost-effective LMS platform leads to rapid results. Choose from pre-built courses or design your own custom LMS development with our easy-to-use software.


Custom eLearning

Build custom eLearning solutions from the ground up with our eLearning course development service. Businesses can manage every aspect of their training.


Training Resources

Browse our collection of eBooks to learn more about training and learning development strategies in order to boost results with an LMS training software.

Optimize Your Employee Training with TLN’s LMS

Employee training shouldn’t be limited to how many people can fit in a classroom. Our affordable learning management system allows companies to deploy comprehensive training programs to all employees, no matter where they are located. Easily create, distribute, monitor, and track the completion and success of your online training courses with TLN’s LMS.

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Strengthen Your Franchise Training with an LMS

Consistency is extremely important in the franchise world. When customers visit a location anywhere from Alabama or Washington, they expect to receive the same — or at least similar — service. An LMS helps ensure consistency in franchise training by providing online courses across the entire organization.

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Our LMS Features

Make the most of your LMS with features that maximize engagement and improve knowledge retention. TLN hand-selects features proven to boost company training programs and we ensure a successful implementation of your learning management system platform. Quizzes and gamification diversify the training and boost information retention, while customized metrics allow you to track the performance of employees during and after training. Learn more about our features below.

OpenSesame Online Courses

OpenSesame seamlessly integrates into TLN’s LMS to provide users with a catalogue of over 20,000 high-quality curated online training materials across 130 categories.

Self-Authoring Tool

Take all of your company’s training documents and videos, and turn the content into customized eLearning experiences and training material within the LMS.

LMS Customizations

TLN customizes your Learning Management System to your needs and requirements for both branding and custom training requirements.

Metrics and Measurement

Track who is completing modules and units, as well as how they scored and how effectively they are applying their new skills and knowledge.

Training on Mobile Devices

We specifically design training materials to be optimized for use on mobile devices, and our LMS is mobile optimized.

Our Support

A training development company is only as good as the level of support it provides. We’re always here to answer questions, modify learning materials, resolve technical issues, and help with any other questions you have.


Our LMS is currently integrated with PayPal and, but can integrate with any e-commerce solution. This allows clients to charge for training when needed. TLN’s LMS also has the ability to accept coupon codes.

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