HEISHeavy Equipment Inspection System 

Give your operators hands-on skills training without taking your equipment out of the field. 

Simulating your coaching process, the HEIS will create an enhanced experience, eliminating the time needed for a trainer to take employees through an inspection of the actual equipment thus reducing downtime for both operators and equipment. 

HEIS is a system that can reduce the amount of time needed to do any equipment training from The Learning Network (TLN). 

HEIS offers a comprehensive training experience that offers many different options and opportunities for learners to customize their experience: 

Learning Paths

Learning Paths

This VR course can be done standalone by a user or being used as part of an ILT. 

If the latter, the facilitator will be on hand to administer the use of the Headset and answer any questions the learner may have about the experience. However the user experience will be designed so that the learner will be able to launch and access the training with limited trainer supervision. 

Three learning paths are included in the HEIS: 


The tutorial module focuses on educating the learner the controls, symbols and interaction within the environment. This module is developed to give confidence to the learner on how to use navigate and interact within the learning experience.

Guided Tour

This module is the actual Inspections where the user is guided through the whole learning sequence.

Assessment with Hazards

A self-directed walkaround of the environment that will include a randomized number of hazards that the learner will need to identify without coaching.

The Experience

During the tutorial, the learner will be introduced to the basic controls and four main inspection methods.


Advancing to a particular spot or location in relation to an object. This will teleport the user to different locations around the environment.


Looking at a particular object.


Touching or “clicking” on a particular object in order to change its state.

Prompted Response

An on-screen prompt in which the learner can make choices and answer questions within the experience.

The Experience

Multiple 3D Equipment Models 

Over the years, our 3D department has made a vast number of 3D models.  

The complexity, detail, and effort required to develop 3D visualizations depend on your learning goals. We work with your stakeholders and subject matter experts to create 3D reproductions of the equipment which can be used for amazing learning experiences that would otherwise be impossible.  


We are currently supporting 2 headsets for HEIS:  

  • Meta Quest 2  
  • Meta Quest 3 

For the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3, there is no need for a computer as they are standalone units. 

Meta Quest 2 + Meta Quest 3

MDM (Mobile Device Management) 

TLN can offer to deploy the application to each headset that your company owns.  Our MDM will act as your headset management system which will allow for the remote updating of your headsets and the tracking of their location. It will also help with remote support should any issues arise.  

MDM is an optional service and comes as an add-on for an additional fee. 

Services Included

LXD Services

A Learning Experience Designer (LXD) Service is a transformative approach to crafting educational journeys that prioritize engagement, comprehension, and retention. LXD services employ a multidisciplinary approach, leveraging technology, psychology, and instructional design to architect innovative, user-centric learning environments and personalized learning pathways.  

LXD services strive to make learning intuitive, enjoyable, and impactful, fostering a deeper understanding and long-term knowledge retention. 

3D Development Services

3D Development Service encompass the creation of immersive, cutting-edge digital environments, bringing ideas to life through meticulous design and renderings.

XR Development Serices

XR Developer Service encompass the creation and optimization of immersive experiences, leveraging cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) to build innovative applications across various industries and platforms. 

Quality Assurance Services

Quality Assurance Services involves meticulous testing and validation to ensure seamless, immersive experiences across virtual, augmented, and mixed reality platforms.

Project Management Services

Project Management Services streamline complex initiatives by orchestrating resources, timelines, and tasks to achieve efficient and successful project outcomes.

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