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Improving customer retention with elearning and hybrid learning tools

Freelancer working on her laptop at homeeLearning is a recognized way to provide training and development opportunities for employers and educational organizations. Yet eLearning can also yield tremendous benefits for customers.

In fact, businesses can incorporate eLearning into their customer retention plans as part of a strategy to provide information at the click of a mouse or touch of a screen. It doesn’t have to be limited just to eLearning, but to incorporate hybrid learning as well where customers can still enter a physical location to interact with employees and products.

Hybrid learning is where aspects of traditional, in-person methods of learning are incorporated with instructor-led remote methods of learning. This could be through online courses or platforms that include videos, virtual reality, augmented reality and more. Customer retention is a perfect place to include hybrid learning.

Encourage Self-Service Tools

Customers have questions, and they often seek answers online before picking up the phone to call. In fact, 72% of U.S. consumers say they go straight to a search engine “to try and find a response to a customer service question.”

Go beyond a FAQ page on your website. Incorporate a self-service eLearning tool. This allows your customers to find answers, solutions, and processes to solve their problems and helps them see you as a thought leader who offers readily available service rather than making them dig.

You can encourage use of these self-service tools while a customer is in your physical location asking for more information or suggest it directly through your online presence of blogs, websites, and social media. Don’t forget, some people may wish for a more in-person interaction. Make sure you have a dedicated area for them to also use these self-service tools while at your physical location. It’s a great way to incorporate that personal touch with the online learning experience.

Introduce New Features and Services

As you develop your own features and services, you’ll want to make them available to your customers. While traditional marketing and sales techniques may work for getting the word out on your latest and greatest, an eLearning resource offers a way to introduce what’s new through video, text, motion graphics, and more. The modules don’t have to be long, intense, or involved. Instead, they can be tailored specifically to your needs and goals.

This, again, can be easily adapted into a hybrid learning situation whether you start with an in-person event or opportunity with an invitation to continue with the online learning or you include an invitation within the hybrid learning for the customer to next visit your location for more information.

Empower Customers

Ultimately, eLearning options empower your customers. Sure, you still want to provide avenues for traditional interactions. But many customers prefer ease and convenience when looking to quickly resolve a concern or get new info. eLearning can do that for you! Hybrid learning is a perfect mix of this while also gently encouraging your customers to continue to learn and grow with your products and services.

Scale Your Customer Base

Just as eLearning helps strengthen internal teams and employees through trainings and development, it can also help businesses, such as yours, to scale further with your customer base.

eLearning resources for customers can help unlock engagement and even drive product and service adoption. As a result, you’ll reduce churn and improve customer service experiences. Our free hybrid learning guide is available to you with just a click of your mouse for further ideas and insight related to this style of learning.

Here at The Learning Network, our eLearning Consultants can help provide guidance to help you decide what strategy would work best to meet your business’s needs. We’d love to talk with you. Start by filling out our Contact Form, or take a look at our Product Solutions.

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