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Using scenario-based learning for hybrid learning

Remember that last eLearning training you took? Did you feel like you just sat back and were spoon-fed information you were expected to retain and eventually use?

The facts, figures, and descriptions may have been non-stop with your only interaction to be retaining all the information for some use later, whenever and however that may be. Maybe you were bored with the in-person section or lost interest during the on-you-own online components.

You may, however, have been inspired as you had to work through specific scenarios or storylines that made the training more relatable and memorable for future use. Maybe that type of learning made a huge difference in the moment and for future use.

Ultimately, scenario-based learning is a great tool for eLearning, especially for hybrid learning where on-site training, collaborative learning, and online learning are all intertwined. Hybrid learning incorporates aspects from the traditional, in-person methods of classroom-based, instructor-led with remote methods such as online courses or platforms, videos, virtual reality, augmented reality, and more. Scenario-based learning has a place in all three types of learning: in-person, online, and hybrid.

Let’s look at scenario-based learning in a bit more in-depth:

It’s interactive throughout. Instead of quizzes or other forms of assessment at the end of a learning session, scenario-based learning immerses participants from the very beginning by making them active participants whether in the physical or virtual classroom setting.

It’s engaging. Again, if you think about your past eLearning experiences, were you truly engaged as a learner? We’ve all been in eLearning training where we try to speed through the content, multitask, or even hit play and walk away. Not with scenario-based learning! The learner engages throughout the lesson, regardless of the setting.

It’s enjoyable. Learning information you never expect to use or that doesn’t relate to what you actually DO at work is dull and dreadful. Don’t do that to your learners/employees! Scenario-based learning can be realistic and fun, especially when positive scenarios are used for the learning process.

It’s customizable. Your business is unique and so is your workforce. Your eLearning resources/trainings for employees should also be tailored. The scenarios for one business won’t necessarily be the same scenarios for another. Scenario-based learning can be developed just for your business, your needs, and your workforce.

Maybe you’ve already thought of how scenario-based learning could help your business. In fact, you may already know of scenarios you would like highlighted in upcoming eLearning resources. Maybe you simply want to add scenario-based learning into your next curriculum. Likely, you aren’t sure how to proceed beyond that.

This is where The Learning Network comes in. Through our product solutions, we can help you create a customized scenario-based eLearning curriculum unique to your needs. Just imagine how you can help your workforce be more informed, engaged, and excited through the learning process.

Our recent free guide on Hybrid Learning, where we again incorporate both online and in-person training, is a great resource to help you learn more about the considerations of this style of learning. Throughout this guide, we introduce technologies, questions, and steps to incorporate your very own hybrid learning strategies. We even throw in some statistics, a case study, and interactive sections for further insight on the success of hybrid learning.

We know that hybrid learning should make your job easier, not harder! Our hybrid learning knowledge leaders are ready to be your guide and show you how easy it can be done! Ready to talk further? You can find direct links within our ebook or contact us here. We look forward to talking and planning with you soon.

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