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6 Areas of Focus For Your IT Budget

According to Gartner’s forecast, worldwide IT spending will total close to $4.5 trillion in 2022. Is this forecasted increase (up 5.1% from last year) reflected in your IT budget? Here are six areas where your IT needs might be expanding:

Cloud Computing: More businesses have turned to cloud computing. Of course, a greater shift was forced by the pandemic. However, savvy businesses know they can save money by ditching big infrastructure spending and replacing it with cloud-based solutions. Some of the benefits of moving to the cloud include flexibility, accessibility, improved collaboration and dependable redundancy. Cloud solutions rank high on the spending list.

Application Development/Replacement/Upgrades: Staying up-to-date with applications is necessary for data and cyber security. It supports the evolving expectations of your customers. Some examples include mobile shopping and self-service web sites. The last time you received a bill in the mail, did you mail back a check or pay online?

Wireless/Mobile: This includes the support of “bring your own device” (BYOD) for employees. Supporting BYOD increases remote work capabilities and reduces hardware costs, helping retain employees and save money. Even though many companies may provide laptops or tablets for their employees, most do not provide smartphones. So your employees are most likely using personal devices for work. In order to support this type of BYOD, it requires regular updates such as to high speed wireless access and especially data security.

Security Technologies: Security is arguably the most critical area related to IT initiatives. Your business needs to stay one step ahead because cyberattacks are only increasing. Do you enforce two-step authentication for network access? Have you invested in proactive virus scanning? How are you detecting and preventing attacks?

Business Analytics: Your business has extensive, sensitive data. You’ve protected it through your security policies, but how well are you using it for your needs? Unlock the wealth of information in your data through data mining, enterprise analytics and business intelligence platforms. The ROI comes through better understanding of customer interactions, improving business processes and getting more out of “Big Data.”

eLearning: eLearning, or online learning, makes training convenient, accessible, affordable and meaningful. Companies and organizations worldwide are leveraging eLearning to improve upon onboarding processes, training programs and the delivery of industry-specific education. A well-trained team is vital to the success of your business. Another critical piece is training that is customized for your needs. The Learning Network has your solution no matter what your specific needs are. Find out about all of our solutions here.