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Benefits for the online and hybrid learner

We often talk about the benefits of online learning on the organization itself. But did you know that online learning has benefits for the elearner as well! We’re even seeing these benefits with hybrid learning where an on-site component compliments online learning. Let’s take a deeper look at these individual benefits.

Better work-life balance. Online learning provides a better work-life balance for elearners. Think of all the coordination that goes into sending an employee to an off-site learning opportunity or conference. For a business, this includes coverage plans and increased expenses. For the individual, this means coordination at home related to their responsibilities. This can include plans for significant others, children and pets as well as daily household responsibilities of bills, grocery shopping and meals. By providing online and hybrid learning options, life can continue as usual with minimal interruptions.

Learning new skills. While online and hybrid learning teaches new knowledge or improves a foundation of information, it also helps the elearner learn new skills related to technology, communication, independent learning and time management. Each of these is translatable beyond the online learning sessions to help the individual in professional and personal settings. Even those who are hesitant to start online learning will find personal growth in these areas.

Networking. While networking looks a bit different in an online learning setting, it can still happen! Some may feel more equipped to network than be overwhelmed by the large conference room full of people. Networking can look as simple as updating user profile information that is available to other users, including a photo. It can also include being more involved in discussion threads beyond meeting the minimum expectations. If networking isn’t available directly within the online platform, learners can take their increased knowledge to social media outlets and find similar communities as well as follow up on recommendations of organizations and professionals mentioned within the elearning sessions. Hybrid learning also increases this networking beyond online platforms.

Increasing knowledge. Even if an elearner thinks they are only completing online learning to mark a checkbox as complete within the organization, they are still increasing their knowledge on topics, systems and theories. It’s important as an organization to recognize this and provide further opportunities or incentives for those individuals who don’t just complete the online and hybrid learning but look to take their new information further within the organization or even for their own goals.

As you can see, elearning provides much more than the information you need to be supplied within your organization. We look forward to providing you with the elearning solutions you need to not only benefit your organization but your people as well! Additionally, we invite you to review our recent free guide available on Hybrid Learning, where we incorporate both online and in-person training!

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